Fundraising for Ben is going to be an ongoing project, as he will always need equipment/ therapies that are not provided by the NHS. We have a constant list of new things Ben needs or would benefit from.


Our lovely friend Gillian has been busy again! She has made some beautiful Christmas cards that are for sale in the Rothienorman Shop, so take a wee look if you are local.

She also recently raffled off a lovely flower print, with the help of Kellock Bank shop and their nice customers ( She is always a busy bee helping raise money for Ben’s fund – she is a star!!





April 2013

This year is going to be the year – at last! – that we make a sensory garden for Ben. We currently have decking and a wheelchair ramp from it, but it goes straight onto grass. Which is no use for Ben and his wheelchair. We have been investigating and researching lots of cool sensory garden ideas. First on the list has to be a patio area and the garden paved to the parts Ben needs to wheel to.

He LOVES being outdoors but can’t control his temperature well, so needs somewhere cool and shady. We have a log cabin on his wish list – to make into a sensory garden room. It will also be used to ‘camp’ outside, as Ben would think that was fun – but tent camping is just impossible after his hip surgery.

A sensory garden is all about colour, lights, smells, touch, taste etc. He has visited a few sensory gardens and they are fab. He especially likes water features, chimes, wind spinners, playing with sand/ water.

So a large project!  You would understand how huge if you could see our sloping, turf and rock filled garden 🙂

Our friend, Gillian, has been a super star and been doing some fundraising for us, but have you seen the price of a paving slab 🙂 So more fundraising will be on our summer list too.

From plants, herbs, slabs, gravel etc etc we need it all……. The lovely people at Inverurie Skip Hire are loaning us a free skip, it arrives tomorrow! So the digging starts, wish us luck – or come over with a spade and a barrow 🙂


















July 2012

We are currently fundraising for money to go towards Ben’s private physio therapy costs – He attends the Craighalbert Centre four times a year, which is about £700 a time (x4).

We are also trying to make the garden wheelchair friendly – so paving, raised beds for Ben to be able to to and feel the plants, water feature etc. A full sensory garden is what we dream of having for Ben, he loves being outside but currently our garden has no paving and wheelchairs + grass is not a great combination 🙂

Also, we would like to have a physio come to the house and do weekly physio, and the cost is about £60 an hour plus expenses. This should help towards delaying more hip operations for Ben and reducing his pain levels from leg spasms and tightness. There are some other therapies we would love to try with Ben, but everything costs money, and quite a lot of it!


There are always new things Ben will need, as he will always be dependant on special equipment to help him in every day life, so to have a fund that we can use would be great. We would like to provide Ben with everything that will help him achieve all he can, and also have a lot of fun doing it- he is a great kid and deserves all the help we can give him:)

As the fundraising is for an individual (Ben) we are not classed as a charity, and not registered as one. But all accounts will be able to be viewed if required. Any equipment that we buy through fundraised money will be passed on to another disabled child when Ben outgrows it. If you would like to make a donation please get in touch through one of the “contact us”details. Any donation would be very welcome and very much apprieciated!!

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